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We’ve previously met many homeowners in Oldham and Greater Manchester who have initially come to us because they’re desperately running out of living space but don’t want to move out of the area they live in or simply can’t afford a newer, bigger property. In our role as an extensions builder, we look at the possibility of converting existing space first. If this isn’t possible, we discuss the option of home extensions or property additions.


Because we cover the whole of Oldham as a builder and roofer, our company can perform a full site survey and quotation without having to get anybody else involved. Some building contractors have to rely on other companies to provide roofing, installation and plumbing services. We have the personnel needed to manage your project from start to completion.


As a trusted extensions builder, we can help you in the following areas:


Planning Permission

At S. Marsden Builders Ltd, we understand how troublesome it can be to negotiate issues with planning permission. Dealing with local authorities in Oldham and Manchester is difficult enough but with so many variables to consider, it makes much more sense to choose a local builder and roofer with the ability to handle applications on your behalf.


Our building contractors deal with extensions and the relevant departments regularly, so it’s usually easy for us to achieve a successful outcome in a relatively short period of time.


Party Wall Notices

A good extensions builder has to plan your new property addition with all neighbouring homeowners in mind. If part of your extension shares a wall with any adjacent property in the Oldham area, we call this a party wall. It is therefore vitally important for your chosen builder and roofer to serve a party wall notice warning your neighbours of planned work.


This allows time for neighbours to file any objections they might have but, in the overwhelming majority of cases, it simply serves as a notice of when work will commence.

image of a red brick extension

Site Visits from Building Inspectors

Home extensions and property additions are both major types of building work. It is imperative that an inspector visits your Oldham or Greater Manchester property at different stages of the development to ensure the workmanship of building contractors is up to scratch. Inspectors make sure work complies with industry and governmental standards.


The relationship between the extensions builder and the inspector is important. Our company works harmoniously with inspectors and follows all current building regulations.


Completion Certificates

Once the inspector finishes scheduled checks at your home for the last time, and has confirmed that the workmanship complies with the specified governmental standards and building regulations, the local council for Oldham (or your part of the Greater Manchester area) issues a completion certificate. This is an important document for you to keep.


Even with the document in place, we will still send out a builder or a roofer if you notice any snags or happen to find something in one of our extensions you don’t feel happy with.


A Note on Building Regulations

The building regulations are in place to make sure the work of your extensions builder (and all general building contractors in Oldham and the UK) meets acceptable standards. In addition to the building work, inspectors also check items such as the roofing, the plumbing and the electrical work. Our industry is more tightly regulated now than ever before.


S. Marsden Builders Ltd remains 100% supportive of the building regulations and promises to comply with them at each and every stage of your new extension being built. Examples of previous work completed in the Oldham area can be viewed on our gallery page.

Call 07877 229260 to discuss property additions with Oldham’s trusted extensions builder and benefit from the added space we can provide for you.

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